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CarbonCore CORTEX Frame

CarbonCore CORTEX Frame

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Price: £499.99
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                            ⇔⇔⇔⇔⇔⇔ Chritsmas Special ⇔⇔⇔⇔⇔⇔ Christmas Special ⇔⇔⇔⇔⇔⇔

Carbon Core X8 folding Axial Quadcopter (8 Motors) High Quality UK manufactured Carbon Fibre Frame with 2mm Plates complete with Retracts with fitted Servos and Regulated Power Supply, Power board and including Free Postage (UK Mainland). 

(Limited time offer)
⇔⇔⇔⇔ £499.99 inc VAT ⇔⇔⇔⇔

Includes retracts
800mm Class Quadrocopter (1200mm with propellers fitted overall diameter)
Folds to only 770 x 400 x 150mm – With 15/16″ propellers and 40 Class motors
Landing Skids protect the propellers when folded
Cortex Carbon Airframe weighs only 1110g – Including Servo Operated Retracts
8x ESC, Power Board and your flight controller can all fit Inside -  * Not Included*

  • Through-frame ESC Cooling
  • 2.0mm Thick Carbon Fibre Frame Plates
  • Stainless Steel Flat Fitting Torx Bolts

Fly with up to 3x 6S 10Ah Lithium Polymer Batteries
Flight Batteries mounted on the top frame plate – Practical
Supplied Assembled – Requires removal of the top frame plate and top motor mounts to install electronics – Re-install the bolts with Loctite Thread Lock Adhesive.

Christmas Special

You get power board and electronic filter for FPV system included. Our detailed instructions will show you how to build this award winning design into the most stable flying (we think) X8 axial multicopter  - Designed and made in Britain by CarbonCore.