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ZeroUAV HighOne - RTF GH3 Aerial Video Platform

ZeroUAV HighOne - RTF GH3 Aerial Video Platform

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Price: £3,567.00
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The 'HighOne' Quadcopter is a complete ready to fly professional solution which is safe, smart, agile, simple and portable. It is particularly suited to specialized conditions such as flying close to obstructions, in narrow areas or in enclosed spaces such as stadiums, oil refineries and close inspections.

For added safety it is integrated with the 'Gemini' dual redundancy autopilot and it carries the Z1400 brushless gimbal for the highly regarded Panasonic GH3 camera and Sony NEX-5. The foldable RTF Quad 'HighOne' is very practical and can be widely used in the television industry, professional shoots, for commercial promotions and all kinds of professional aerial photography.




Specifications and product offerings

  • X1 Quad Frame
  • Z1400 gimbal - 3-axis brushless motor that is optimized to professional cameras i.e. GH3  x  1
  • Brushless motor x 4
  • 60A ESC x 4
  • 18 inch propeller x 4
  • Dual Redundancy Gemini Autopilot system  x 1
  • S-Bus Receiver Converter x 1
  • OSD
  • Manual x 1
  • Travel Case x 1
  • All necessary cables x 1


  • Assembly



  • Maximum takeoff weight possible: 8.5 Kg (Z1400 gimbal, 6S 15,000mAh battery)
  • Flying time: 20 minutes
  • Total length: 720mm


  • Foldable frame adopted design for ease of portability and storage for transportation.
  • Advanced 'clearview' gimbal aids lens replacement and advanced aviation shooting.
  • Failsafe design with Gemini autopilot redundant data communication improves flight safety.
  • Waypoint registering and two transmitter with aerial jib function defeats the stick for automatic waypoint route flight.
  • Camera operator can concentrate on flight gimbal function, pilot adjusts optimum orientation.
  • S-Bus conversion of PWM channel receiver.