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CarbonCore CORTEX X8

CarbonCore CORTEX X8

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CarbonCore Cortex
Compact Folding Quad or X8 (Octo in Co-Axial Quad configuration)

More Lifting Power and Lighter than a 1200mm Octocopter
Quality. Compact. Practical. Light. Strong. 

The Cortex is the newest Professional 800mm class Multicopter UAV, or Multirotor. Made exclusively with a 2mm Carbon Fibre airframe and high quality fittings it can do the work of any 1200mm Class Octocopter.

Designed to be highly practical, the Cortex folds away for transporting in a new and innovative way. 

Includes servo operated retracting landing legs (aka Retracts) and supplied Assembled. Cortex Carbon Airframe only needing installation of flight electronics, Tracker, Beacon and LiPo.

Professional Autopilots should be installed allowing for the failsafes: Return to Home and Auto Land.
Build and fly radio controlled models responsibly. Follow the BMFA rules and guidelines. Multicopters are not drones and must have a competent human operator within line of sight at all times.

Carbon Core Cortex A-RTF 

CarbonCore Cortex Almost Ready to Fly Includes:

○ Assembled CarbonCore Cortex Carbon Airframe
○ 8x CarbonCore Motors
○ 8x Specially selected high quality carbon fibre propellers
○ 8x 30A 22.2V 400Hz Multicopter ESC (Motor Electric Speed Controllers)
○ Over-spec (and lightweight) 200A Power Distribution Boards
○ All above electrical items pre-wired, soldered and electrically tested
○ Propellers must be fitted last - after Flight Controller setup and motor checks
○ ESC's can only be calibrated to your Transmitter so the customer must calibrate the ESC's
○ Regulators for Retracts and optional video transmission are fitted and set to 6 and 12V.
○ Retracts require fitting with just two pins and two bolts each - supplied

CarbonCore Cortex Carbon Airframe: As Included with the Cortex ARTF
○ Includes Retracts
○ 800mm Class Quadrocopter (1200mm with propellers fitted overall diameter)
○ Folds to only 770 x 400 x 150mm - With 15/16" propellers and 40 Class motors
○ Landing Skids protect the propellers when folded
○ Cortex Carbon Airframe weighs only 1110g - Including Servo Operated Retracts
○ 8x ESC, Power Board and your flight controller* can all fit Inside *Not Included*
○ Through-frame ESC Cooling
○ 2.0mm Thick Carbon Fibre Frame Plates
○ Stainless Steel Flat Fitting Torx Bolts
○ Fly with up to 3x 6S 10Ah Lithium Polymer Batteries
○ Flight Batteries mounted on the top frame plate - Practical
○ Supplied Assembled - Requires removal of the top frame plate and top motor mounts
    to install electronics - Re-install the bolts with Loctite Thread Lock Adhesive

○ CarbonCore has specially chosen these Carbon Fibre Propellers
○ For their rigidity - resistance to flutter and prevention of vibration
○ We are assured that propellers are delivered balanced
○ And even Dynamically Balanced*
   *Propellers stay dynamically balanced when spinning with the CG* at the same point in both blades.
    *CG is Centre of Gravity. Other brands we have tested induce vibration even after being accurately statically balanced.

○ Highest Efficiency* for the Cortex *Best Efficiency at Hover Throttle with Payload
○ Highest Quality - 0.2mm High Silica Steel Stator Laminates
○ Rare Earth Samarium Neodym Motor Magnets
○ Outstanding Design and Craftsmanship
○ Supplied Specially for the Cortex with cables the correct length to save weight and fitted with gold connectors

  • ○ CarbonCore Motors (Specially for Cortex)
  • ○ 2x 6S 10,000mAh LiPo packs (20Ah @ 2.86Kg)
  • ○ DJI WooKong-M Flight Controller 5.26 firmware
  • ○ RD921 Receiver (0.024Kg)
  • ○ DJI Z15-5D Zenmuse (1.42Kg)
  • ○ Zenmuse mounting: 2x 12mm x 190mm Carbon tubes
  • ○ Canon 5D MkIII with standard SD card and battery (2.64Kg)
  • ○ EF 24mm f2.8 lens ○ 8.66Kg Complete flying weight
  • ○ 20 minutes flight time consuming 17,600mAh (88% battery)
  • ○ 58.6 Average current, 7.3A per motor. - This includes FC ...& Z15 current consumption
  • ○ 6.7A per Kg ○ 150 Watts per Kg .
  • ○ 22.2V battery rest voltage after flight
  • ○ 16 degrees C° battery start temp
  • ○ 26 degrees C° battery temp after flight ...(About half ideal working temp)
  • ○ 16 degrees C° motor start temp
  • ○ 19 degrees C° motor temp after flight

    CarbonCore Cortex with Canon 5D Ready to Fly - includes Flight Controller, 6S Li-Po Batteries, FPV system & Recovery Beacon



Our Cortex with Canon Z15-5D just after take-off - gear up!